Gillham #12

Gillham #12

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Gillham Mixtape, Gillham Radio whatever you want to call it, lovely fresh one for march 2019. Give it a listen, you'll discover the old school disco vibe, jammed with classics you'll love.

 Coverart by 'Jessi the Artist' --- " I started out painting different layers of the mixes that grabbed my attention, and from there, I decided to add details from previous paintings. This piece was my favourite of the series and the pallet really stood out to me. As an artist who does a lot of realism, I can seriously appreciate the limitless experience of abstract art! It’s a great way to break out of my comfort zone. Although I typically paint music using my synesthesia as a reference, I tried something new here by creating, rather than always reproducing. I used acrylic paint and Prismacolor Premier pencils on Canson watercolor paper. "

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