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My private room @ Moncton Hospital

Tuesday night, I was transferred to Moncton Hospital via ambulance. My Oncologist is based at this hospital, and he wanted me under his supervision rather than at Miramichi. It was not an emergency, but Ambo’s are what they transport you in regardless if it’s an emergency or not. Those Ambo’s are certainly not designed for the patient. You could feel every bump on the way here. Miramichi to Moncton is about an hour and thirty minutes, it didn’t seem that long because I had some great staff on board to chat with, plus I had plenty to catch up on, on my phone. No, not candy crush.

Dr Fix it { I try not using real names }  who is my Oncologist colleague and apparently works very closely with my Oncologist. Regardless, I trust them here. Everyone has one common goal, to help me and I trust everyone involved is doing their best, and that's all that matters to me.

So Dr Fix it basically treated me as a new patient Wednesday. Which is understandable coming from an IT background I see it like this. He's treating me the same as if an IT Tech got a busted computer that had already been at another shop. That's my analogy anyway, you listen to what the customer has to say, but you're going to run your own tests regardless.. and that’s exactly what this Doctor / Moncton Hospital are doing.

So he asked all the same questions as if I had just dropped into the ER triage, I explained the pain, when it begun.. Allergies ( none known btw ), family history, health history etc etc.

So this Doctor’s conclusion so far is.. That the bloating is caused by fluid build up in the abdomen, which is caused by the Cancer there. To relieve that which they'll do what's called an Abdominal Tap procedure to literally drain the fluid from my belly - So the aim of the procedure will almost instantly relieve the pressure / bloating. I am extremely uncomfortable at the moment, I am the height of Danny Divoto but for the first time in my life I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Except not the strong body building Schwarzenegger. The bloated, pregnant looking Schwarzenegger from the movie Junior. Anyway, jokes aside, I’m ready for this fluid baby to come out, and hopefully that is happening today - Thursday sometime.

As for further news Oncology wise, we still need to wait to speak to my Oncologist. He's a great Doctor, and with greatness comes busyness I suppose. Is that a word, "busyness"? I don't know, but it is now.

Good or bad, I'll keep you all updated here; on the website. I know this all began on Facebook, but not everyone has Facebook that's why Valiant Modern Media & I built the site, so everyone can access my story and contact me. That said, please feel free to add a comment below, I do read them and love getting words of encouragement!

Hope you're all having a fantastic day!