Well that was unexpected...


As far as blog posts go. I’ve been MIA (missing in action). I’ve been fortunate to have some visitors, my brother and his wife, then shortly after my dear friends from Australia made the trek over, and anyone who knows me well, knows I was busy entertaining those guests!

If you ever want a sneak peek into my day to day, I tend to use Instagram stories as a journal for myself, I love looking back on the adventures I’ve had, however for 24hrs, it also gives you a snippet of what I am up to… and right now what you would find is adventures at the Miramichi Hospital. If you have the app, you can find me @davegillham - always open to new followers.

So Wednesday the 18th, I had Chemo round twelve. The side effects of that usually last about ten days. I haven’t hit that yet, thus the reason I was hesitant to come back and visit the grand Hospital, I was hoping my symptoms would pass.

After an amazing visit from my mates, I needed to catch up on rest. So literally, Friday night til Saturday afternoon, I think til about 4 o’clock I slept. My body was obviously crying for rest, but the way I saw it, I had plenty of time to rest when my mates returned to Australia, and that’s exactly what I did. Saturday I didn’t notice much pain, but I was sleeping most of the day / night. Sunday was different, I tried to ride out the pain thinking it could be a Chemo side effect, but unfortunately not. It was prevalent as ever, and it was a different pain to what I am used to. Feels like some punk has beaten my abdomen to a pulp. Hurts just laying in bed and rolling over. So I figured it was time I got some advice. I called the wonderful staff in the Oncology Ward at Miramichi Hospital and they recommended I go see a doctor in the Emergency Room.

I was seen promptly by the fantastic staff there. They were quick to get my pain managed and run multiple tests. Initially blood tests and x rays. The blood test showed that my levels were through the roof. White Blood cell levels, and another measurement that indicated there was certainly inflammation inside my body. All this time, I thought it was a beer gut, but I guess I’m riddled with Cancer. I think I’d prefer to work the beer gut away, than the Cancer I’ve been handed.

The Xray showed that I’m full of shit, but you knew that already. Ha - No in all seriousness, constipation is one of the many side effects that occur. But that wasn’t the surprise or shock we were about to learn.

The excellent staff here, as thorough as they are, ordered more tests. Which is exactly what I want, people to care enough to get to the bottom of the problem. Not just told “your constipated, go home, take some laxatives” - this particular doctor was thorough and genuinely cared. So a CAT scan was ordered, and this is where our plot thickens.

The results showed the cancer has spread undetected, in a bad way. So much so, apparently in the medical field when it gets to this stage.. They just say "wide spread" Cancer. I was admitted overnight, and right now as of Tuesday September 24 you’re up to date. I’m still in pain, but I am in the best place to be whilst under the weather (actually it is pretty gloomy out there today - see in the pictures my room view). As far as I know my Oncologist has been contacted, who'll likely put an emergency plan into action. What that plan entails, I am not sure but at the end of the day, none of this changes my outlook, I’m still taking my journey day by day and I am determined to give it my best fight 💪🏼

I try not to worry about the “what ifs” thus try to avoid doctor google aka googling conditions / diseases etc which only distract my focus on being positive and putting my best fight. However, I did take a picture of the medical definition of last night’s discovery from the Doctor. Feel free to look it up for yourselves. 

I truly appreciate all the love, prayers and support. Will keep you updated as I learn more.


PS- Pictured amongst the photos is my mate Darren aka Big Daz, without mates like him and friends I’ve met along the way, I’d be lost. Thank you!

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