Round Eleven


Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1987)
This track popped into my head, while I sit here on my own again. Not sure why that chick is doing gymnastics on the cars?

So here I am. Wife dropped me off at the hospital, after a morning of lets just say.. Side effects of the health issues, my nemesis - Cancer. I struggled to get out the door. But fight on, and here I am at the Hospital. The best place to be if I’m not feeling well, and what great care I get here up on the 3rd floor - the oncology ward of Miramichi Hospital.

So what happens when I get Chemo? Well, I come in first thing in the morning around 8ish when they open, because my treatment takes all day. I get registered, get my fancy festival arm band that gets me into the VIP areas, like a hospital bed. Which is where I will sit all day. But there a bit that happens before that.

So.. the pre chats with the Doctors and Nurses, do tend to calm my nerves a little. It’s hard to get out of your head, the results of the blood work will decide whether or not I will receive treatment. But rest assured, I am healthy and ready for Chemotherapy round 11.

Once the weight of the wait is lifted. The nurse accesses my port in my chest. You remember the Iron Man thing that’s permanently inside my chest.. That is connected to one of my main veins to my heart. That thing. So, with the green light go, she’ll first pump fluid to hydrate me (I think) once that’s stopped, I get another med via IV to help with nausea. Usually around that time she gives a handful of more meds, for nausea.

Then, it’s happy hour all day here, nurses serving me cocktails of Chemo (via my port), til around 4:30pm. I use the time to catch up on things. I’d love to say catch up on Netflix, but my mind is racing, like keeping you guys updated and a multitude of other stuff on my computer. Where would we be without a world with Computers?


Now. Towards the afternoon, I tend to get stomach cramps - too many cocktails. Ha ..So they give me this other med that helps with that, but it makes loose on the feet, sweats and worst of all, I have trouble talking. All the bad side effects of a decent happy hour, with out the booze.

Anyway folks, have a great day. If you’re in the area feel free to drop by, I’ll be partying up on the 3rd floor in the oncology ward. 



P.S - I have my brother & sister inlaw visiting, which is ace. Super stoked to have them with us. But might mean blog post might be a bit thin. Feel free to follow my other socials to see what we’re up to …
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