Have you ever been on Television?

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Have you ever been on Television? I asked myself that this morning, and I it dawn on me that, no I have never been on TV. Made me a little nervous thinking about it. So I put on some music and pretty soon my nerves were eased. The way I see it, I’ve never prepared anything for any other previous interviews, so why go prepared today? The wonderful hosts will ask me questions, I’ll give them answers. Simple. Well, kid friendly answers. Here goes, watch me while I jump into the deep end of the pool!.. To be honest, I am still quite humbled that people find me interesting enough to talk to, and be interviewed. To me, I’m just Dave doing my thing. And it encourages me immensely to have you as readers & supporters. I am truly grateful and thank you to those of you reading!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, if you Rogers TV, I’ll see you on channel 10 around 1pm AST... Here’s the funny thing, we “cut the cable” on cable TV (shhhh don’t tell Rogers that today).. So... I, like many other Bell customers will have to wait til Rogers uploads it to Youtube & Facebook. I’ll put the link right about here.

Adios amigos!

Have a Chat - Rogers 10 | Monday August 26

Have a Chat - Rogers 10 | Monday August 26

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