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Not for fur baby’s. For people. Feel free to enlighten me what PET stands for medically.

Well, I’m keeping you all informed, so that I too will remember what the game plan is. I’m also telling ya, with what’s on my plate at the moment, the ol’ memory ain’t what she used to be. Don’t bother challenging me to a board game of ‘Guess Who’ haha.. I checked in with my fantastic GP, about my memory, and he was quite frank, that it could be any number of things effecting my memory, whether that be the med or the stress of everything involved. Rest assure, I’m putting in strategies to try and help with all that fog. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about memory fog..

Straight to business. I got a call at the hospital on Wednesday, whilst I was getting Chemo, which wasn’t the greatest timing, but if I can take calls, I do. That goes for anyone, if you wanna call me up for a chat, call anytime. If I can’t take your call, I’ll endeavour to call you back asap. That goes for friends and family on messenger, don’t be shy.

So this call was from my Oncology team in Moncton. Here’s an updated game plan:

I have two or three rounds of Chemo ahead of me (there’s that memory again). After which my Oncologist needs to give me five week break from Chemotherapy to enable the following test to work. The test is called a PET scan. Has nothing to do with my dog. All to do with me, and is no doubt is abbreviated, so any medical staff who want to comment what PET stands for and what’s completely involved, feel free to chime in with a comment or two. Doesn’t matter if I know you personally. Educate me. Ha

So yeah to my knowledge the PET scan will scan my entire body for Cancer, something to be honest thought may have already happened right at the beginning of my journey. Which, apparently is not the case. But to be frank with you, wherever it is in my body, I think the Chemotherapy would be me best bet for treatment regardless.
However, as nervous as I am to find out the results. It is what it is. It doesn’t change my outlook, and I’ll continue the good fight, with a positive spring in my step. 

Good news is, immediately after the test, my Oncologist is going to meet with me either in person or video conference as soon as they have the results.

So my next Chemotherapy is August 28th. I still have the chemo bottle attached to me (pizza flying cats fanny pack / bum bag) which is due to come off today. I can’t wait not to have it constantly attached to me. But flip side is, I don’t have to spend this time in hospital getting the chemo…

..You can always a positive in any aspect if you look hard enough. Try it, your days go by happier. Put your energy into being positive and treating others how you would like to be treated and you’ll notice yourself being happier...

..So that’s where we are at. I’ve been informed I’m likely not to get the PET scan appointment until closer to date. I’ll keep you posted.

All the best, have a great day!

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