“There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He's ordinary”
- Lyrics from The Foo Fighters ‘My Hero”

Everyday I'm encouraged by one of my biggest inspirations, my daughter. Everyday she's creative with her artwork, bringing me get well cards, colouring all kinds of magnificent masterpieces and she's like that because her mother encourages her to be creative, instead of screen time. How creative she is, I’m not sure where she get that from, but I am forever grateful. For the fact her mother encourages her creative spark, and of course, the art work my daughter creates, that is known to bring a tear to my eye.

I’m currently sitting on the hospital bed, my wife dropped me off for Chemotherapy round 10. I always have to arrive here relatively early 8-830 AM ish. Anyone who knows me well, knows I run on Gillham Eastern Standard time, so give or take 20 minutes depending how I am feeling. Here’s hoping Chemo round 10 goes ahead, and the side effects are minimal. Reason I get here early is for whatever reason my treatment seems to take the longest, I am always the last one here. Which is good in one way, I have a whole ward looking after me later. But why my treatment takes so long, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe that’s a question I can ask the wonderful staff today.

Above is a song that reminds me of the love my daughter shows me. She truly believes I am hero, and I am more than happy to be her hero. I just hope her hero wins the battle for her. The song is My Hero - Foo Fighters.

With a bit of extra down time on my hands, I read another blog post about what order I should watch the Marvel Super heroes movies, something I debated with a cousin recently. So far I’m two movies deep, First was Captain America (2011), followed by Captain Marvel (2019) anyway, I’ve digressed. Here’s the link to the blog post:

What order should you watch every Marvel movie and TV show?

If you have your own input, your own theories of which order I should watch what.. by all means comment away. A good TV show or Movie, as unproductive as they are, are a great escape to take my mind elsewhere. Which has been great to escape lately.

I look forward to seeing what masterpiece my daughter creates for me today.

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