Expect the Unexpected


First thing Tuesday morning I got a call from the Oncology. "You coming in today?".. My response was sure, if you want me to.

Usually I have Chemo on Wednesdays, so I was surprised to be getting a call to come in on a Tuesday. Cut a long story short, there was a mix up with the dates because of the Canada Day holiday.

So off to the hospital I went, mentally prepping for round 7 of Chemo. Before each treatment, they do a bunch of checks on you to make sure that you're fit and ready for Chemo. Let's just say I did not pass the test.

The scar that got infected from the Appendix surgery back in December, and was only operated on recently maybe two months ago.. Is infected again.

To say I'm disappointed (with my own health) is an understatement. So Wednesday morning I was back at the hospital for surgery to remove the infection again.

I'm sure, like you, have a million questions and thoughts about what is happening. My biggest concern is, is this just going to keep happening because I have Cancer on my abdomen wall? Is it going to be a vicious cycle that is going to keep happening every few months? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about it, because each time I have surgery it holds up my Chemotherapy. I don’t particularly want Chemo, but it seems to be my only option at the moment to fight the Cancer - which my body is riddled with.

So I don’t have any information from my surgeon who performed the operation to remove the infection nor do I have any info from my Oncologist. However, I did speak to my surgeon before the surgery and he mentioned whatever he removes, he’ll send off to be tested. Which apparently we should get the results back within a week.

Of course all of this concerns me, but there is no sense dwelling on the “what if’s”. So as far as I know the surgery went well. I am a little sore and tender, but I’m sure that is to be expected. To add to the theory of not dwelling on the what ifs, I also feel there’s no sense laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself, so yesterday instead of recovering in bed, I recovered on the beach with my family.

It was a glorious 30 degree day, perfect beach weather. We had a fantastic time at Kouchibouguac National Park. Other than family fun in the sun, it was actually a bit of a milestone for our family. It was our son’s first time at the beach / first dip in the ocean, and by the looks of his smile I think it’s safe to say, he loves the beach, just like the rest of his family!

So with this forced break from Chemo I plan to continue to make the most of the time off the awful cocktail of drugs. So I’m not exactly sure what fun we’re going to have, but I know most of that time will be spent with my kids.

Today I have an appointment with my GP. At the moment my medication list is no joke, about 2 pages long. So I hope we can work together to minimize some of that, maybe get ‘er down to one page.

Alright folks, again thank you for all your support, especially during surgery time. No matter how many surgeries I have, I still get a bit nervous about going under the knife & your support is definitely felt and appreciated.

Happy FRIDAY! Have a great weekend everyone, especially my American friends. Happy 4th of July weekend!