Do you want to see your kids again?


If someone told you, you can go to your home Country (Australia), but if you go, you may never see your kids again, what would you do?

Ok, so before we go anywhere here, I always thought treatment in my home country of Australia could be an option for me, but with the advice I got today that is not an option.

I thought it would be an option for me, especially given the current climate, I thought Australia might be a great option with some excellent care. In my home city alone, I know there is a Cancer specialist hospital, I know this, because I visited my mother there when she had Cancer.

..It was my understanding that if I got my files from Canada, and was I lucky enough for an Oncologist in Australia to take on my case in Australia...

It was my understanding that if I got my files from Canada, and was I lucky enough for an Oncologist in Australia to take on my case in Australia, perhaps I could continue my treatment there. However, I told my doctor my plans and she strongly advised not to go. Not only that, they explained it in a way, that if I go, I may never see my kids again. That took me by surprise, that a was a big blow for me.

Not just my kids, but what about all my family & friends back in Australia?! I’ve been officially told if I go to Australia, I may never see my kids alive again, but what about everyone back in Australia, what if I want to come back for them? Of course I want to see my kids, but what broke me was the possibility that I may never see any of my friends and family in Australia again.

I can tell you now, that isn’t going to happen. One, I’m going to kick this Cancer’s arse. But secondly I will not leave my kids with the knowledge I may never see them again. So, I am lucky the team here in Canada are doing such a fantastic job, plus I think they’re amazing. But it would be nice to have options. But, as I’ve learnt, life ain’t always “nice”.

However, here’s something nice, something POSITIVE that happened yesterday. Recently my brother gave me a camera lens for my birthday, and I wrote to the company who manufactures them telling them a little bit about myself and how much I love there product. The cheeky devils wrote back almost immediately. I believe it was one of the co-owners who returned my message, and the exciting thing I have to tell you is, I’m going to be collaborating with Moment, and get to keep doing what I love - taking pictures and they will be providing me with all kinds of wonderful treats, which I’m stoked to share with you soon.

In other news, other than the doctor advising me not to travel to Australia. My MRI test I had came back clear. Which is awesome news! However tomorrow I have Chemo (8:30 AST - June 19), I am having a meeting tomorrow morning before my Chemotherapy with my Oncologist, I hope the “awesome” news isn’t short lived. I’m hoping tomorrows meet will just to bring me up to speed, of where we’re at, and not to tell me any bad news. I don’t think I need any bad news. Positive Vibes. Positive Vibes only!

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