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Well. I had a bit surgery. This thing called laparoscopy. The way I figure it, they knock you out… cut a few little holes in your belly. One for the camera, one for pumping your belly full of air so it’s easier for them to look around. Well, I can tell you, it feels like they had a real thorough look around because I’ve been feeling the pain….

...But maybe that pain is not from surgery, but the pain from the news we were about to learn..

I am not going to sugar coat this for you, I am going to tell you straight up to what my understanding is, my understanding of what is happening right now with my health. Actually, lets recap what we had hoped the outcome may be before the surgery..

BEST SCENARIO - They went in, did the laparoscopy. Find no more Cancer, carry on with the plan to remove Cancer.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED - They went in, did the laparoscopy. Found more Cancer.

It’s a bit of a blur the news the doctor actually said, so as I mentioned, this is my understanding of what’s now happening. They found more Cancer. It’s apparently on my Abdomen. Where exactly, I do not know, but that’s where it is. So much so, that my only route now is more Chemotherapy and hope my body responds the same way it did the previous patch of Chemo I had. Which I can totally handle, and go through for sure. However, that's not what is shattering, what’s shattering is simple. They found more Cancer. Like, for my family, it seems it’s just one thing after another at the moment, then this, more Cancer. Who the big fire truck needs more Cancer in their life? No one.

So, back to business of kicking this disease’s arse. I’m going back to Chemo to hopefully have the same reaction as last time, get my liver in order and be a viable candidate for this elaborate Liver surgery. I don’t know how long I’ll have Chemo for, however I do know I can start Chemo as soon as I am healed up from the laparoscopy. And I’m telling ya, it feels like I’ve been at the wrong end of a couple rounds in the ring with no gloves on in the guts. I told a friend “..it feels like my insides have gone through a blender.”

How are we doing? Well, I don’t know. Ask yourself how would you feel if you thought you were on the mend, only to find out you are possibly sicker than you originally thought. It’s been heartbreaking to tell you the truth. At the time, I accepted it. I had this strange feeling, I felt like I was pre warned about it, like I’d been given a heads up. Regardless, this is a tough pill to swallow, seems harder to swallow than when I was originally diagnosed. It’s like, kick me while I’m down. But you know what? I get down, I’ll get back up again. Tubthumping.

I plan to be ready for the chemo as soon as possible. But my body will only heal so quickly, so we estimate, I have about 10 days to 2 weeks before any more treatment can begin. As soon I’m feeling well enough, the aim is to enjoy that time with family. Do something special together. There was talk of taking a road trip, but it’s hard to plan anything at the moment. So talk is what it will be for now, hopefully it eventuates and we can do something exciting together. Who knows, everyday is different for us.

That’s all tentative as far as I am concerned at the moment. Everything can change, get turned upside down, like it just did for us so many times already. So, I continue to brace myself for anything hurled my way and to continue to fight like a Velociraptor stuck in a cage. Look how well that turned out in Jurassic Park! Pretty sure the Dinosaurs win.

Speaking of Dinosaurs, and Raptors. Go Raptors in the NBA Finals!

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