Happy Birthday!


🇦🇺🎁🎧🎚️🎛️🔊🎶Soooo.. I have this birthday gift from my mate Callum Dick, which is quite the honour because Dickie hung up the headphones many years ago to make way for the success of Purewraps.com.au Vehicle Signage Specialists. So without further I do, I present to this weeks soundtrack “How I met your mother” mix which is sure to tickle your nostalgia bone:

You’re alone in the dark. You’re wondering what happened with that meeting, with this new surgeon he spoke of…

…Yet, you know it was my birthday on May 17, so you know things can’t be that bad if he’s up and about partying. So you’re kinda right if that’s what your leaning towards. But would I ever let, a bit of news rattle my cage so hard that I would let it get in the way of a decent party? Hell no!…

So we had the meeting on Thursday the 16th. This new surgeon in Moncton, from what I gather specializes in ass’s, bowels and all that jazz. We have a lot in common actually..

...I’m a bit of an ass guy myself, if the ass is order then the rest of the body follows suit. My wife has a great ass.

But, we weren’t there to talk about asses. We were there to talk about surgery, and ultimately removing the Cancer. He seems to know what he’s talking about, and I’m glad he does because he is regarded as one of the best surgeons in Canada.

So a meeting with so much anticipation and afterthought actually probably only lasted 10 to 20 minutes. This guy is busy, he’s straight to the point and is very direct with any questions we had. Which is what we want right? No fluffly bullshit. Just tell us straight up how it is. One thing that knocked me for six, rattled my cage a bit was, he kept reminding us the severity of the Cancer and encouraged me to get “my affairs in order”. That hit me, but what do I when I get hit? I get back up. Keep going, and keep going stronger. I was visibly disturbed by the meeting with the doctor that day, but that was soon turned around by my family which I’ll get to shortly.

In a nutshell, no chemo at the moment and I need to go for several tests, before any major surgery. One of which was yesterday (May 21). A colonoscopy. I usually let someone buy me a few drinks before seeing my arse, but as I said this Doctor has charm, so I settled for PegLyte which whatever they tell you, chilling does not make it taste better.

So I past that test. Next is what’s called a Laparoscopy. Which we’re hoping will take place May 27. Basically they’re gonna knock me out, fill me full of air and look around my guts. I asked them to take some of the beer belly at the same time, but they said they’re just there to look, not touch. What they are looking for is any Cancer we’re not aware of. If all looks well, the surgeon will be ready for the next step. Which we’re not 100% sure what the procedure will involve, he’s thrown a few scenarios out there, but I try not to worry about the uncertain things, so when I know for sure, I’ll tell you. But the good news is, this surgeon’s goal is to remove the Colorectal Cancer and I have the utmost confidence he’s going to get the job done. However, we’re a little ways off yet. I have to keep reminding myself, this is a marathon, not a sprint race.

Speaking of Marathons, one of my best mates back home in Australia, Joel is dedicating his marathon run to our family and is looking for donations to help us out.

If you would like to learn more about what Joel is up to, please check out this link (and share with others) :


When they get the Colorectal out of the equation, my team (Oncologist & Surgeons) will meet again to discuss a plan to abolish the Cancer from my Liver.

So this is similar to how my head works like at the moment, a little bit all over the place. So I’m going to take you back to when I was visibly disturbed about our meeting with the surgeon. Back to Thursday May 16. I was a little rattled, plus I’d forgotten my meds. My traditional medicine, I had my alternate stuff with me, which I might add, thanks to Organigram works wonders. I could probably write a whole blog post on how effective the medicinal cannabis is. Either way, I needed some time out, plus I never smoke the medicinal cannabis around my family, so off to the underground car park I went of the hotel we were staying out. Now, remember I was in a bit of a funk when I went downstairs, when I came back to the room upstairs, maybe 30mins later…  I was greeted with my daughter & wife shouting “SURPRISE!!”... They had decorated the room with balloons, had all kinds of birthday treats including a card my daughter had hand picked that read “I pooped today and it’s your BIRTHDAY!” - I don’t know where she gets her sense of humour, but I thought the card was hilarious and of course put a smile on my face.

Often I am reminded who I am fighting for. It’s for all of you supporting me, but most importantly my family, my kids. So that’s how I decided to spend my birthday, with my family. There’ll be plenty of time for “Dave” parties when I’m better. But now, its family. So May 17, we had a great day at the Zoo as a family. Later that night I had a long overdue date night with my sweetheart. We had a lovely time at the The Piping Plover, few delicious appetizers to share then off to the recently renovated Apero Lounge for a night cap.

Again, thank you for all the birthday messages, I truly had a fantastic day and night!

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