What's on the news love?!


So where do I start?

…How about, exactly where I left you.

…Because that is where I am now. The same place. Today marks a week since the day I’ve been here, maybe I should start putting notches on the wall to remember how long I’ve been here...

I feel like I am the monkey from the 1990’s Dustin Hoffman movie ‘Outbreak’.

So why is it Wednesday May 1st and I am still in hospital?

..Well, let me tell you. I came in with a fever, which test results were inconclusive. Nothing was wrong with me. Except what was downstairs. Now I’m not talking about my junk, that works fine. I’m talking about my bowels. I thought the antibiotics were causing havoc on my stomach, yet it turns out I contracted “C-Diff”, sounds like a car part “limited slip diff” or something yeah nah, I wish. I guess it’s a bacteria in the bowels which is caused by antibiotics typically via IV (to my limited understanding). Damn if you do, damned if you don’t I suppose.

Anyway, I feel fine. But I can’t leave til this guy clears up, with, you guessed it…. Antibiotics. Which could mean I may be here for another week. I’m pretty sure there might be a window busted on the 3rd floor before here by then. 😂 Noo.. It’s not that bad. I have my laptop with me and with that I can do pretty much do everything but tuck me kids in at night. It is hard being away from my family, but if I’m going to be getting medical care, 3 East has pretty amazing staff here helping me, which certainly makes things a little easier.

My wish would be that I am out of here by Saturday. Saturday I’d love to meet my commitment to perform at The Vogue for the same generous wonderful people who formed a band for my family’s benefit concert are performing again to celebrate the re-opening of the Vogue and their beautiful renovations! I’m super stoked about it, and truly hope I am out by then not only to DJ at but to enjoy the phenomenal music of the amazingly talented musicians formed together for a Random Night.

Speaking of Phenomenal, the international DJ community has been amazing! I have a mix series, podcast whatever you wanna call it where I try to put out new mixes for peeps to enjoy, plus I love doing it. However, it’s hard to DJ when you’re in a hospital or fogged up by Chemotherapy.  So upon hearing the news, DJ’s from around the world have agreed to chip in. Gillham mixes are evolving into Gillham Radio and DJ’s from the UK, Hong Kong, USA, Australia...Even Luxembourg, Europe. If you can tell me where that is in Europe in the comments, I’ll let you wear my geography hat*.

Sooo.. hats aside. I’m actually dropping the first special guest mix tonight. As soon as I’m done typing here (Wed, May 1st) I’ll be dropping an amazing set by Mighty Ming, which features the artwork of my dear friend Jessica Sheppard. So be sure to check it out. At the very least skip to the middle of the first track to hear the very genuine, very personal shout out from Mighty Ming…You may as well keep listening for his next heartfelt drop. It’s quite the journey.  Get around this DJ, check him out, because he is unbelievably talented.

Your kids are gonna love it!

So positive out of what could be a negative situation.. My CAT and MRI scans ran a lot smoother than they could have if I was an outpatient. So that said, my meeting with my Oncologist went along as planned yesterday. I thank you for being patient to read my news, however I tried to contact family first before blogging it to the world. I hope you understand.

So what I have to tell you, is probably one of the best scenarios we could have hope for!  My body is responding to the Chemotherapy. The tumours have shrunk. The Chemo is working. However, I am not doing any victory dance yet. It’s kind of like watching my Football team ( Geelong Cats ) in Australia. I’m not going to celebrate until I hear that final siren or in this case a doctor tells me I am Cancer free. The fight continues. This is just one chapter. Ultimately my Oncologist would like to operate. I think this would be his goal at the moment, however as this is such a complex case, it has to be sent to Halifax where my case is debated by a team of specialists there. So what we are waiting now for is those specialist, which are some of the best surgeons in Canada apparently, which could be another week. So we’ll wait patiently for word from them.

http://www.aflonline.com.au - Australian Football, the best game on the planet.

Until then, I’m sitting in hotel region seven, recovering from something in the X-files. Some stomach bug that Skully had growing inside her, that the government planted. No…

...I’m just sitting here like the monkey in the 1990’s Dustin Hoffman movie Outbreak.

So feel free to suit up like you just found E.T and visit me in hospital. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy the tunes of Mighty Ming, and wait with us for some news.

Love the support, love every single message sent, I love you all! ✌️


* I don’t own Geography hat.