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One thing I’ve been planning on punching out for a while or reiterate, which had been put on the back burner.

…Until the feelings resurfaced the other night, in the midst of side effects of the meds I’m on for this latest surgery.

I’ve realized for a while my family, my kids & wife are the most important thing to me. It used to be about living for the moment and taking every opportunity I had to have fun. But I’ve turned a corner.  A while back, some of you might of heard me talking about playing at a music festival. I was in talks with the Executive Director of the festival, and I’d say I was shortlisted to play this summer. Shortlisted, because I’m vertically challenged. Anyway, I pulled the plug on it. I realized yes, I love music, yes I love DJing. But at the moment, my family is my priority. No one knows which way this is going to turn, and I need to cherish as much time as I can with my loved ones. I’m finding I appreciate the small things more. Anyway, that’s not to say I’m hanging up the boots, Future was kind enough to give me a lifetime membership to the festival… So one day soon I’ll be back. It’s still a hobby I love and I still keep myself busy making mixes.  You can check out my latest mix I did for Phantom FM here:

Anyway as I mentioned Sunday was a write off, and I’d seen the fam jam playing outside my window at different times of the day. But it really hit home at the end of the day once I reflected and thought to myself I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want my kids seeing me like this, I don’t want to waste my days wasted sick like this. I had a sook with my wife about it, shed a few tears.. And as I always do.. Dusted myself off.  Said to myself, I’m not going to be sick like this forever, I had rough day, but so what, we all have bad days.

I think it’s key to be positive throughout this..

…and getting caught up on bad days aren’t going to win any battles. I’m going to beat this, and the great thing about my kids being the age they are, kids are resilient and here’s hoping they don’t remember their dad sick like this, only to know me as a fit healthy dad in the near future!

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