Nip Tuck


Warning. Graphic content that some readers may find disturbing.


So surgery was a blast. I know I should of checked in here sooner, but I did the facebook thing and you guys know where to reach me. I survived surgery. That’s the main thing. Was minor in their eyes. But no surgery is fun in my opinion. So if you didn’t catch the sarcasm of my opening sentence, you now know that I’m not a fan of surgery. That’s not to say I don’t love my surgeons and their team, I think they’re amazing. But I certainly would want their job. Saving lives is pretty ace though.

Speaking of surgeons, I guess this was discussed with me after my surgery, but I vaguely remember it. You ever go to a party and certain details are hazy? Yeah well, this party I went to last Wednesday it was crazy. Free Apple juice and drugs, lots of drugs. Then I don’t remember what happened. No idea. Until today. Well sort of...

Today my doc called me, I guess my surgeon did mention this already, but I was pretty groggy at the time. No doubt I probably lead on, that I fully understood them. Regardless I know now what he discovered and fixed.

When I had my appendix out in December, the stitches they used are supposed to dissolve inside the body… Mine did not dissolve fully, grew bacteria and became infected. My surgeon, the champ that he is, went in and gave me a bit of a nip tuck. Without the tuck, actually he has left a gaping hole in my belly. I kinda look like I’ve been shot. Apparently this wound has to heal from the inside, it can’t be stitched up. It’s about an inch wide, and an inch and a half deep. And boy does it hurt when they change the gauze / bandages.

Now I went in on a Wednesday, apparently a nurse was supposed to be out Thursday to check on me and change the dressing on my bullet hole. But for whatever reason, I didn’t see a nurse until Friday. Now excuse me, but these next details are a little gruesome, so feel free to skip ahead.

Still with me? Ok..My wound is supposed to be changed everyday. What do you think happens to dressing that doesn’t get changed? I’ll tell you, it dries up. When the nurse came Friday, it literally felt like she was pulling a bullet out with tweezers. The gauze had dried, and I don’t think I’ve felt an unbelievable sting like that before, and I sure hope I don’t have to go through it again!

That said, a nurse has come back every day to change the dressing. Either I’ve got used to the pain or as it heals it gets less painful. Either way, I’m grateful it doesn’t hurt like the first time it was changed.

So the good news is, they’ve nipped this little infection. But the bad news is I can’t continue Chemo until it’s healed. Which could be a few weeks or more. Which is disappointing to say the least.

The last time I couldn’t do Chemo, I used that time to travel to see family (my brother in Ottawa). This time around, because I have to have the dressing on my wound changed everyday, it means we can’t venture too far. So, we’ll make the best of things at home!

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Warning. Graphic content below that some readers may find disturbing.

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