Unexpected Surgery


Yesterday I came in for my regularly check up with my doctor and the doctor said… “No more monkey’s jumping on the bed” (sorry I have two kids under 4)  and she also said.. That the scar where they did my Appendix surgery doesn’t look too good…

...So lucky enough the surgeon who worked on me… would have been December, when it all began. Anyway, he took one look at it and was not impressed. Cut a long story short. The Chemotherapy has possibly caused the infection. Now, one would think that if something is causing me an infection, I wouldn’t want anymore of it (Chemo). But that’s the only thing I’m disappointed about. Disappointed that I can’t continue chemo, til… I don’t know when! Hopefully can resume within the next week or so.

So, unexpected surgery today. My surgeon mentioned he could fit me in this afternoon, so that’s what we were expecting. Anyway, 8am this morning I get a call from the Hospital, to be there at 10:30am… So we rushed to get ourselves and the kids ready this morning, only to find out I’d been misinformed about the dietary requirements for the surgery. Nothing. I should have eaten nothing. However I was told yesterday I was allowed a light breakfast before 7am. Now that I think of it, whilst I’m here hungry that was the best bowl of Cornflakes & Banana I’ve ever had! Haha

We are now back to the original plan of surgery this afternoon. And that’s what enabled me to write this for you now. You see, I was already connected to IV’s etc by the time the Anesthesiologist found out I had a thing for Cornflakes in the morning. So I’m writing you all today from my hospital bed. 🙂

Surgery is expected for 3 o’clock, surgeon is going to clean up any infection there and I believe he’ll have a look around to see what is possibly causing this to happen, as he seemed surprised himself that the scar tissue is infected this late in the game, months after the original surgery.

I'm here at the hospital, not for Chemo. But some unexpected Surgery. But wait!…Let me a take selfie!

I'm here at the hospital, not for Chemo. But some unexpected Surgery. But wait!…Let me a take selfie!

So yeah, wish me luck. We’ve been watching this series on Netflix called ‘The OA’ which is essentially about people dying and coming back to life in another dimension. I’m looking forward to staying in this dimension and talking to you all very soon!  
Much love x.

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