Thank You!


Since Monday, I’ve been flooded with messages of encouragement and support…

…I just wanted to say thank, I do read all of your messages and it certainly helps with my day to day positivity, which I think is pivotal in this game. Staying positive.

Firstly, thank you Shelley Steeves the reporter from Global who travelled to meet my family, took the time to listen to us and fundamentally put together a great story, which will help raise awareness for Colorectal Cancer. I’ve since learnt myself, that this particular disease is on the rise for men below 50, its no longer a geriatric disease, something that old people get.

So if you’ve got a family history of Cancer, say a relative of yours had Cancer, I’d definitely get a check. Some of the symptoms for Colorectal Cancer are easily passed off or disguised as something else. For instance, I was referred by my family Doctor to have a scope test done, even then the surgeon insisted that I had irritable bowel syndrome.

Here’s what Colorectal Cancer Canada has to say about symptoms:

“People with early-stage colorectal cancer often do not have symptoms of disease. When symptoms appear, however, they depend on the size and location of the tumour. Symptoms of colorectal cancer may include: changes in bowel habits (constipation, diarrhea, narrow stools), abdominal cramps, bloody stools, unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite, nausea, gas, bloating, and fatigue. It's important to see your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.”

I had majority of those symptoms before my Cancer was detected, if you’re concerned, you know your body best. If something is not right, as said in the interview..

Don’t hesitate and don’t be proud about what’s downstairs. Go and get it done!

But here’s something that I didn’t say in my interview.. My Doctor listened and sent me to the specialist for the check, which is great! However, even after speaking with the scope surgeon, the scope wait list was over 6 months where I am in Canada. Now, because I had Appendicitis's luckily for me I did not wait this long. I try not to ponder too much on "what ifs" however, I am concerned to think "what if" .. we had to wait that long. Let me know in the comments. Where you live, do you have to wait extended times for medical attention or is that a Canadian medical system thing? Regardless, don't be discouraged if there is a wait time for you to get the check. Be persistent. You know your body, if something is not quite right speak to your doctor and insist on being tested!

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