Lights. Camera. Action!

So I just finished writing back to a family friend in Australia saying that it’s warming up here… Sad when an Australian says eight degrees celsius is warming up!.. 😂


..No really, I feel I have come to somewhat be climatized to the sub zero minus 20-40 winters, as much as the locals. It’s funny all the locals all go down south where its warmer to Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica or my favourite the Bahamas when winter strikes.. Anyway I love the city I am living in now, but travelling back from my visit with my brother in Ottawa recently (another city I love), I always realize no matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home.

Speaking of weather… Do you recall a while ago I mentioned Global News Atlantic were interested in speaking with me? Well, as I said earlier.. The weather is warming up here, and the interview that was initially scheduled about a month ago, but kept being delayed because of snow storms & bad weather. That is no longer an element, and the show will go on! Tomorrow (March 15) we look forward to welcoming Shelley Steeves ( @SSteevesG ) and her crew from Global News to our home in the KIND and GENEROUS Miramichi.

The Bahamas  - Many moons ago, before kids! 📸Photo Credit - My talented wife @lorigillham (Insta)

The Bahamas - Many moons ago, before kids! 📸Photo Credit - My talented wife @lorigillham (Insta)

Me being me, wanted to look sharp for the camera and get a haircut. That said, the nurses mentioned my hair would likely fall out within seven days of my Chemotherapy. So I’m happy to say I still have my hair and I’m in the middle of Round five of Chemo, about 8 or 9 weeks into treatment! It’s certainly thinned out a bit, but I still have it, which to me is a bonus, for now. So I couldn’t get a fresh buzz today for the camera’s but here, take a look at the video of my daughter shaving my head for the first time (Feb 3), in my anticipation of the common side effect of Chemotherapy:


Anyway, wish us luck as the Gillham’s make their reality television debut tomorrow!

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