Coming out

So I “came out” to my Facebook followers today…

…Nothing sexual. I’m happily married to a beautiful wife. I came out and told everyone about the big C. I was debating whether or not to, and now with this website running, I thought to myself…

if I’m going to be public about my journey with Cancer, I may as well tell the thirty thousand or so. I’m fortunate enough to have that following so why not use that to help share my story.

So, I did that with this highlight video:

A night of Random Kindness was an incredible evening, one of the best nights my wife & I have ever had, and we have had a lot of epic nights to compare them to! The generosity and kindness of people that night was phenomenal, and we are truly blessed with such a great community.

Today was a bad for me health wise. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but it did keep me in bed most of the day. The nausea amongst other things are really acting up this round of Chemo. I’m lucky today, my wife could possibly pass as a nurse. The care she gave, made my day all that more bearable. So much so, here I am writing about it. One day at a time, and tomorrow is FRIDAY and it is going to fantastic, you just need to make it fantastic.


Happy Friday kids!

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