So if you flip back a few posts to CHEMO ROUND 4, it was one of my lengthier “novel” entires, I mentioned that one of the news networks here was interested in my story. Since then other networks have also reached out, which is great because what I’m looking forward to promoting, the KINDNESS of the community of Miramichi and abroad. I have been using the hash tag #randomactsofkindness on my personal wall to promote the things people are up to, and people are continuing to be generous and kind.

The weather here in Canada has been wonderful. Wonderful if you like the look of Narnia, wonderful if you enjoy winter sports. New Brunswick (the province / state we are in) has had winter storm after winter storm, which has proven difficult to organize reporters from another city to come visit. To give you an idea of what I mean by winter storm, last Sunday’s storm was forecasted 50 to 60 centimetres in some areas. Fun!

So, tomorrow, the forecasted weather is still pretty wild, but tamer than it has been, thus we’ve planned to shoot an interview with Global News tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping Mother Nature is on our side, it goes ahead, and I can share with others the stories of KINDNESS and it’s ok to be kind, and we should be proud to be kind!

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