THANK YOU kind followers!

So the other week I made a post about the chore of sorting through my meds. I came to learn from by some friendly followers the Pharmacist will sort them out for me FOR FREE, to what sounds like an Advent Calendar. So Monday I visited my Pharmacist and sure enough, they'll do my chore for me!

I had so many meds, I have to wait a few days, but rest assured I am excited to see my Advent Calendar of pills, I'm more excited the time I will save because of this service!

Again thanks to those who reached out and let me know of this service. Anybody reading this and wants in Canada. Shoppers Drug Mart (I'm sure others do too) offer this service for free, and all you need to ask your Pharmacist to organize your medication into 'Blister Packs' ✌🏼

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 11.52.05 PM.png
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