The early Christmas present.. 


The early Christmas present.. 

The blog on will start from my fourth round of Chemo. If you want to back date from this blog, you’re welcome to send a request to this group:

I need to be honest with you all about something, things aren't so well here unfortunately. As you may know, I came into hospital about 2 weeks ago with severe abdominal pain.. They did a cat scan & turns out I had Appendicitis.. But the scan also picked up other suspicious things.. Several tests later we've come to learn I have Cancer up my ass, and it's spread to my Liver.. There is a team of specialists working on my case in Halifax, but it's quite complicated apparently. Either way, no treatment can begin until the surgery from the Appendix is healed. I am ok, we are ok, staying positive, taking one day at a time... 🙂💪🏼.

My meds already play well with my memory & I can't remember who I told what & when .. So what I did was create a Facebook group where I’ve posted updates for those of you who want to stay updated on my little fight ❤️ 

Lots of love to you all!

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