Round Four


Hi all. Today is Wednesday, February 20 and I'm here smashing Chemo cocktails like a champ!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA (Missing In Action) of late, been busy with a few projects one of which is an exciting new home! Yep, 'Dave Gillham the adventures of Cancer' will soon have new home, a very KIND friend of mine has kindly donated her wealth of wisdom in web design and very soon we'll be waving goodbye to Facebook, and Dave Gillham the Adventures of Cancer will have its very own site. Stay tuned I'll keep you posted as this little project of ours is almost ready, I'm beyond excited to share it with everyone!

We had an amazing benefit concert for our family last Friday. It truly was amazing, the show and the kindness & generosity of our community. If you missed the show you can take a little peek here, the event was streamed live on the night :

In other news, one of the major television networks here is interested in running a news story on me, but I'd like the focus of the interview to emphasize the KINDNESS of people. People should be proud to kind, and it should be celebrated. Look at all the negative on your Facebook wall or turn on the TV, people report negative. Let's promote positive and KINDNESS. Always to be kind. Find a friend, neighbour, or a stranger and do something out of your comfort zone to help them or make a part of their life brighter. Try it feels good... So cut a long story short Shelley from Global News was supposed to be coming today. But hospital decision makers said otherwise. 👎🏼

After much debating with Horizon staff, I, by chance ran into the Head of Miramichi Hospital, which had overheard my story and said she'd like to help me keep things moving. However our plan which she suggested, wasn't doable by Global News. So no interview in Hospital unfortunately, but by Friday Global News will have my story. I'll be sure to let you know when it airs!

This round of chemo has been tough, tough as in this bastard CANCER EFFECTS the WHOLE FAMILY in one way or another. Recently Mila has been sick, so rather risk me getting sick Lori's been staying up at her parents place with Ari and Mila. I've missed my family, staying at home by myself. However for every negative there's a positive. I've been able to catch up on rest with no kids around. Still I'd rather be tired, than not see my kids. I still visit and I still take Mila on adventures, as you've probably seen on my instagram.

So round 4... After this, just two more hits of the Chemo stuff... The plan as far as I'm aware, after the 6th treatment they'll do scans and tests to see what effect this cocktail for 3 months has had. I believe a good outcome would be this stuff is doing what it's supposed to do and perhaps doctors can operated to remove some of the tumor. But that's just me, that's my assumption of "what's next"?! Who knows how things are going to play out, just taking it one day at a time. Staying positive!

Well folks, that's where we're at. I still have Cancer, I'm still experiencing side effects but I'm fighting. Side effects or not, it hasn't slowed me down too much and I look forward to every new day.

Thanks for your support, and KIND messages! ❤️


PS - If you see this post and your in Miramichi, feel free to come visit me at the Hospital! I'm always up for visitors! You'll find me on 3rd floor (west I believe).

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