Fresh NEW Merch!


My faith has undoubtedly been a major part of my life, and most recently in my biggest challenge yet, I believe my faith brings me positivity and inner peace. Consequently I was inspired to create some merch that boldy has a positive word or positive adjective so to speak, with a biblical reference which is also positive.

Breathe. How do I stay positive? I stop and Breathe. In Ezekiel 37:5, God breathed life into some old bones, bringing them to life, showing us what He can do and wants to do with us - which is to live!

Stop. And take a breath from God. And then live, focused on showing love to people around us.

By no means do I force my beliefs upon anyone, however in my day to day, it doesn't cost anything to be kind to each other. Add a positive spring in your step, try and find positives in any situation and you'll notice your days are brighter. Even with Stage 4 Cancer.

"Breathe" designed by Jeff Swartzentruber

But folks I'm too impatient & excited to wait! So I'm just gonna tell you straight up. I'm trying a new supplier, I already showed off the NEW "Breathe" design, but that design is amongst a plethora of NEW merch coming… I was going to wait, but why what. Live for today, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. With this supplier, I need at least 50 preorders to put the new designs into production. So without further or do, I present to you the pre-order form for the new line of DG apparel: