One week later...

This episode of Gillham Radio features special guest Berkin Tetik. Once again the international DJ community has stepped in to help a fellow DJ. I'm overwhelmed by peoples kindness in my time of need, and I hope one day I can help repay the favour.

Music has powers to soothe the soul, and much more. Enjoy Berkin's guest mix, we're so privileged to have him on board. Cheers Berkin and thank you to EVERYONE for your love and support!


So here we are one week later. Well I actually checked in to Miramichi Hospital over a week ago, but today marks one week in Moncton Hospital. So why am I still here?


Well. My Oncologist originally mentioned I would should stay here until the Oncology Surgery specialist in Halifax had an opportunity to see my CT scans. However that specialist, working on my case has been contactable via phone, but does not have access to my scans, and likely won’t be able to evaluate them until Monday the 7th of October.

Well, where do I start? Well they successfully removed the fluid from my abdomen. OVER TWO LITRES!! No wonder I felt like garbage, I was hauling the milk jugs of what looks like some mean Moonshine. I hope you’re not too grossed out, because it’s pictured beside..

Over 2 Litres of fluid removed from my abdomen.

..So that was instant relief once that was drained, however I’m not sure if it was the meds but I felt awful again by the time I got back to my hospital bed, nauseous and exhausted. So with a bit of Gravol sub-q (injection), I had a little cat nap. So back to the actual process of removing the fluid, that was a painless 20 minutes maybe. What took time was the prep, signing paper work, getting briefed about the procedure etc. Midway through the brief I have the tendency to ask “do you have anything for anxiety?” - I build up things worse in my mind than they actually are. Like this procedure was absolutely nothing to worry about, but I get a little worked up. Again, nothing that modern medicine can’t fix, this was no exception.

So fluid / Moonshine drain or tap procedure was successful. Their next focus was getting me regular again. By this stage with all this extra fluid in my abdomen, organs didn’t have much room to move. So no wonder I couldn’t take a dump. Once the fluid was drained, eventually I had bowel movements. (yay - poop dance) However, still in pain, the good doctor ordered some more tests, that being an x-ray of my abdomen. The x-ray showed that my bowels aren’t completely emptying.. Which is great if you like taking laxatives and sitting on the throne all night. No, not me, I was being sarcastic. I don’t think that’s anyone’s idea of a Sunday night. But, this is what I had to do, and we’re still working at getting me on track. Essentially, if they can remove (not physically) the source of the pain, being the bowel blockage, I will theoretically be more comfortable = less pain meds. Which leads me to say the other reason I am still here..

Pain management. My meds haven’t really been properly re-assessed since I was first diagnosed with Cancer, way back in December. Almost a year ago now. So, while I am here, under their supervision, this is one of the priorities of my team. Get me off the meds I don't need, and get me on the right meds, and correct dosage. Again, they’re still experimenting with that at the moment. I’ve been straight up with my doctors, that at home, typically I would useOrganigrammedical Cannabis to control my pain, however, I don’t want to rely on Cannabis. It’s a great, natural alternative, that truly does work wonders. However if I get into trouble, I want the right meds to fall back on, and that’s exactly what were working on. Getting the right pharmaceutical medicine in my arsenal, to give me quality of life. If you could give me a magic pill, called mickey mouse, I’d gladly take it if it enabled me to get down and play with my kids pain free. I’ve come to realize, I’ve been sick for so, I’ve almost forgotten what healthy feels like.

The level of care I’ve experienced at Moncton Hospital has been amazing and honestly, the entire ward deserves a medal for putting up with me! They truly have given exceptional care. To which I’ll be forever grateful.

So how much longer do I have to stay? Well, the good doctor came and spoke with me today. Laid out a bit of a plan, and of course, I’ll follow doctors orders. The great news is, the Doctor is giving me a pass out for the weekend, I’ll be able to leave here Friday afternoon, but must return Sunday night. They’re going to give me a trial run at home on the meds prescribed, and we’ll re-evaluate Monday. I’m so excited to be going home even just for a visit, it seems like I’ve been in here for an eternity. The care & support here is amazing. But it isn’t home, and here I’m confined to my room. I’m looking forward to a little slice of freedom!

So a lot is riding on the opinion of this Oncology Surgery specialist, I have ideas what I think they are leaning towards, but I won’t speculate. Just like my Oncologist, he won’t speculate, or give hypothetical situations. He’ll only comment on facts, and I’m just taking a page out of his book. As soon as I know, I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop, right here on the website.

I know I was a bit down and out the other day, and mentioned I was lonely etc on Facebook. I don’t know what else I was expecting but you guys are amazing, so many of you have reached out to me and you turned my day right around. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to say hi & check in on me. You know who you are. Thank you I truly appreciate your support!

Big love & positive vibes,